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Re: API/ABI rank of headers in /usr/include/isofs/cd9660


Greg Troxel:
> See src/sys/fs/cd9660/Makefile.  It's specified quite straightforwardly.

... it does ?
Yes. If i correct my viewpoint from "making" to "installing",
indicated by the path "/usr/include/isofs/cd9660", then i understand
your hint. (Compliments to you and this list.)

So i would accompany my change proposal by

- INCS=   cd9660_extern.h cd9660_mount.h cd9660_node.h cd9660_rrip.h iso.h \
-       iso_rrip.h
+ INCS=   cd9660_mount.h

and mention it prominently in the PR description ?

> grep on the source tree :-)

Did not bring any more findings, except 9 directory loops.

The open risk is that some application like makefs might rely
on these headers ... /usr/src/usr.sbin/makefs says it does not.
Where could i leave an announcement with a pointer to the
PR which removed the headers ?

> > attach a new member
> > (unsigned long int) to its end.
> New types should probably be uint64_t, rather than long.

The size of this variable is determined by ISO 9660 specs.
Block addresses and counters are specified as unsigned 32 bit.

I refrain from exposing uint32_t to the public, because this
usually needs inclusion of some .h file, which might not yet
be required by the cd9660 .h files. (unsigned long int) is
sufficient and harmless. Even sbin/mount_cd9660.c is happy,
because it can printf %lu iso_args.ssector without a cast.

> You can certainly drop them in the Makeefile in your source tree and do
> a build and see what happens.

My builds can hardly have installed or overwritten them.
cd9660_extern.h differs between /usr/include and /usr/src.
The files in /usr/include are of january 19, except those which i
changed manually.
(I just nbmake, copy the new ./netbsd to /netbsd-$number, and change
 the /netbsd link. Reboot. Heuristic procedure crafted from found
 twines and sticks.)

So this part will have to be tested by friendly experts.

I feel encouraged enough to prepare the PR and the first patch
proposal for discussion. It will have several XXX which should be
answered before a committable patch can emerge.

Have a nice day :)


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