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Re: API/ABI rank of headers in /usr/include/isofs/cd9660


Taylor R Campbell:
> Just include <sys/types.h> and use uint32_t.

In (righteously public) mount_cd9660.h

+ #include <sys/types.h>

so that any includer gets defined uint32_t for

  struct iso_args {
          ... old members ...
+         uint32_t ssector;

> There are some that may be useful for userland applications
> to grovel through the physical format,

<isofs/cd9660/iso.h> could be seen as such a thing. udf exposes
the equivalent, ecma167-udf.h.
But any interested application can just copy it into its own
source tree, if it wants record layouts and number conversion
So i will propose to remove iso.h from the public list.
It will not hamper my own plans, though, if it is kept public.

Have a nice day :)


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