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Re: suprious reboot on netbsd-6:i386 with PAE

> To the best of my knowledge, it was long unspecified whether the
> terminating '\0' was part of the address or not.

Even 1.4T's unix(4) says "the terminating NUL is not part of the
address".  It (like the 4.0.1 manpage) even emphasizes the "not".  I no
longer have anything older easily available to check.

When did AF_UNIX get created?  4.3?  4.2?  (Very fuzzy wetware memory
says it was 4.2, with the renaming to AF_LOCAL happening around
4.4Lite.)  Anyone have anything that old around to check what it said?

> So while those programs are indeed incorrect with respect to the
> definition in our current manual page, they are more or less correct
> with respect to historical behavior.

Letting programs get away with something in violation of a documentated
interface for a long time is hardly grounds for continuing to let them
do so.  (Except, arguably, for COMPAT_* binaries - but NetBSD has
broken compatability in some cases even for those.)

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