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Re: suprious reboot on netbsd-6:i386 with PAE

>>> we should not have to patch and rebuild apps!
>> Only buggy apps, apps that already needed patching and rebuilding
>> and NetBSD just formerly let get away with their incorrect
>> assumptions.
> IMO there is no point to break backward compatibility just for the
> sake of correctness.

That's an argument for doing this for COMPAT_* code.  It's not an
argument for doing it for non-compat programs.  Indeed, I think it's
actually better to break code depending on such incorrect assumptions,
beacuse it makes it easier to find (and then fix) them.

> Smoooth upgrades are a major selling point for NetBSD.

NetBSD hasn't hesitated to break compatability in the past, from
imposing IPv6 crap on SCM_RIGHTS messages to the cripping speed penalty
2.0 imposed on stack trampolines to the way 4.* made it impossible to
self-host in 32M on x86 to the way PIDs started getting allocated
weirdly somewhere along the line.

I'm sure some-to-all of those provoke "who cares about that?"
reactions, but they all are things that have broken something at some
layer for me, that have led to less-than-smooth version changes.

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