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Re: [patch] put Lua standard libraries into the kernel

Am 29.11.13 12:38, schrieb Lourival Vieira Neto:
>> It will be interesting to see by how much memory the addition of the
>> standard libraries will grow lua(4).  lneto claims it does not grow at
>> all.  If it should, we can still move the standard libraries to a kmod.
> I just double checked now (using nm to confirm). In fact, I was
> commenting the wrong portion of the Makefile to test. Sorry about that
> =(. Here is the result in amd64: 240K with stdlibs and auxlib, 166K
> with only auxlib and 154K solo. Anyway, I still think that is 86K is
> not that much to have things like {base, string, table}lib. However,
> though I think stdlibs could be in another kmod, I think that is not a
> good idea to have auxlib in another one. Lua auxlib is just an
> extension of the Lua C API and 12K is really a fair price to have a
> more complete Lua library in kernel, IMO.

We could for now just go ahead, put auxlib and the stdlibs in lua(4) as
foreseen, and when the need arises, we can still factor out the stdlibs
to their own kmod.

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