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Re: RAIDframe: stripe unit per reconstruction unit

On Fri, 18 Oct 2013 15:50:55 +0200
Edgar Fuß <> wrote:

> The man page says:
> The stripe units per parity unit and stripe units per reconstruction
> unit are normally each set to 1.  While certain values above 1 are
> permitted, a discussion of valid values and the consequences of using
> anything other than 1 are outside the scope of this document.
> I noticed that reconstruction seems to read/write in units of one
> stripe unit, which in my case (being 4k) seems rather inefficient. Is
> it possible to accelerate recontruction by using a figure larger than
> 1 here?

If you go here:
and pull down the "RAIDframe Manual" and go to page 73 of that manual
you will find:

 "When specifying SUsPerRU, set the number to 1 unless you are
 specifically implementing reconstruction under parity declustering; if
 so, you should read through the reconstruction code first."

The answer might be "yes", but I don't know what the other implications
are.  I'd only recommend changing this value on a RAID set you don't
care about, with data you don't care about.  I'd also recommend reading
through the reconstruction code, looking for "SUsPerRU"...


Greg Oster

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