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Re: Adding Lua to the kernel and moving Lua source codes

Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
> Le 07/10/2013 12:05, Alan Barrett a écrit :
> >I still haven't seen a use case for in-kernel Lua.  I mean, an
> >example (preferably a working example) of something useful that could
> >not easily be done without in-kernel Lua.  I'd prefer not to see it
> >added to the base system without a use case.
> I second the use case.
> Not something as polished or finished as possible, but at least
> shows that it is useful (I am well aware of the cause/effect circle
> ie. you cannot prove it without having Lua first available, but
> breaking that vicious circle with a few examples can help).

In the early days of bpfjit when I didn't yet know of sljit, I was
considering ripping off lua code for generating machine instructions
from LuaJIT2 code.

I still believe that rewriting bpfjit in Lua would improve readability.
I even started a rewrite mostly as a good use-case for Lua bindings for
sljit but it's low priority project for me.


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