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divergence of ffs flags

It seems that FreeBSD's and NetBSD's ffs superblock flags have been
allowed to diverge:

 #define FS_UNCLEAN     0x001   /* file system not clean at mount (unused) */
 #define FS_DOSOFTDEP   0x002   /* file system using soft dependencies */
 #define FS_NEEDSFSCK   0x004   /* needs sync fsck (FreeBSD compat, unused) */
-#define FS_SUJ         0x008   /* Filesystem using softupdate journal */
+#define FS_INDEXDIRS   0x008   /* kernel supports indexed directories */
 #define FS_ACLS        0x010   /* file system has ACLs enabled */
 #define FS_MULTILABEL  0x020   /* file system is MAC multi-label */
 #define FS_GJOURNAL    0x040   /* gjournaled file system */
 #define FS_FLAGS_UPDATED 0x080 /* flags have been moved to new location */
-#define FS_NFS4ACLS    0x100   /* file system has NFSv4 ACLs enabled */
-#define FS_INDEXDIRS   0x200   /* kernel supports indexed directories */
-#define FS_TRIM        0x400   /* issue BIO_DELETE for deleted blocks */
+#define FS_DOWAPBL     0x100   /* Write ahead physical block logging */
+#define FS_DOQUOTA2    0x200   /* in-filesystem quotas */

That is, FS_INDEXDIRS is different and the flags for both wapbl and
64-bit quotas conflict with other flags in FreeBSD.

This is ... not optimal.

FreeBSD apparently arbitrarily changed FS_INDEXDIRS when they merged
the softupdates-journaling code, but the rest appears to be our fault...

What can/should we do about this?

David A. Holland

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