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Re: cpu_intr_p() related question

On Sep 1, 2013, at 4:24 PM, Yann Sionneau <> 

> On 01/09/13 23:42, Yann Sionneau wrote :
>> Hello NetBSD hackers,
>> I have read over there [0] that cpu_intr_p() should return true if curcpu() 
>> is currently "in the context of a hardware interrupt".
>> Does this mean that cpu_intr_p() should return true when CPU is in exception 
>> handler (tlb miss handler, tlb fault handler, division by zero etc) as well 
>> as in exception caused by an interruption? Or Should it only return true for 
>> true interruption like UART or timer interrupt and not for exception 
>> handlers not related to an interruption?

Only those that are caused by an interrupt (think asynchronous event).
Synchronous exceptions (tlb misc, syscall etc) do not affect cpu_intr_p.
cpu_intr_p() in a tlb miss in an interrupt handler would return true.
>> I also had a look at this thread [1] but it did not provide me with much 
>> information, except that I could just implement it as "return false;", is it 
>> still true?

Not really since that means there will be no reporting interrupt time.

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