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Re: Can't load solaris and zfs module in Xen DomU

Am 18.11.2012 19:26, schrieb John Nemeth:
On Apr 10,  1:26pm, Lukas Laukamp wrote:
} I have a problem to get ZFS running in a NetBSD 6.0 Xen DomU.

      Modules aren't supported with Xen at this time.

} I installed the DomU over the normal way and recompiled the NetBSD DomU
} kernel with MODULAR option so that it can load modules. I copied the
} kernel image to Dom0 (Debian Squeeze Kernel 2.6.32/Xen 4.0) and booted
} up the DomU which works fine. But when I try to load the modules I get
} the following error as well as for solaris and zfs module:

      How did you compile these modules?  One of the issues with Xen and
modules is that Xen changes a bunch of kernel ABIs.  That means you
need to compile modules with -DXEN (which won't happen by default) to
even try loading modules.  If you don't do this, and you "successfully"
load a module, then there is a very good chance of the system going

} So does somebody know how I could fix this problem and is it possible to
} compile ZFS statically into the kernel?

      I haven't been following ZFS that closely, as currently it isn't
even close to being in production ready state, but something in the
back of my mind says it isn't possible, possibly due to licensing

}-- End of excerpt from Lukas Laukamp

I don't recompiled the kernel modules, I simply tried the modules which was binary shipped with the base system. So I will try to recompile the modules and hope that there will be a way to get it working. Or is there an alternativ filesystem which has modern design and would be usable on much platforms? So for ZFS there is support in FreeBSD, Linux and I think read only support on Windows. So I thought it would be a good choice.

Best Regards

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