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Re: Can't load solaris and zfs module in Xen DomU

On Apr 10,  2:27pm, Lukas Laukamp wrote:
} Am 18.11.2012 19:26, schrieb John Nemeth:
} > On Apr 10,  1:26pm, Lukas Laukamp wrote:
} > }
} > } I have a problem to get ZFS running in a NetBSD 6.0 Xen DomU.
} >
} >       Modules aren't supported with Xen at this time.
} >
} > } I installed the DomU over the normal way and recompiled the NetBSD DomU
} > } kernel with MODULAR option so that it can load modules. I copied the
} > } kernel image to Dom0 (Debian Squeeze Kernel 2.6.32/Xen 4.0) and booted
} > } up the DomU which works fine. But when I try to load the modules I get
} > } the following error as well as for solaris and zfs module:
} >
} >       How did you compile these modules?  One of the issues with Xen and
} > modules is that Xen changes a bunch of kernel ABIs.  That means you
} > need to compile modules with -DXEN (which won't happen by default) to
} > even try loading modules.  If you don't do this, and you "successfully"
} > load a module, then there is a very good chance of the system going
} > "boom!"
} >
} > } So does somebody know how I could fix this problem and is it possible to
} > } compile ZFS statically into the kernel?
} >
} >       I haven't been following ZFS that closely, as currently it isn't
} > even close to being in production ready state, but something in the
} > back of my mind says it isn't possible, possibly due to licensing
} > issues.
} I don't recompiled the kernel modules, I simply tried the modules which 

     That definitely won't work.

} was binary shipped with the base system. So I will try to recompile the 
} modules and hope that there will be a way to get it working. Or is there 
} an alternativ filesystem which has modern design and would be usable on 
} much platforms? So for ZFS there is support in FreeBSD, Linux and I 
} think read only support on Windows. So I thought it would be a good choice.

     FAT works on all platforms, but is hardly modern.  I don't think
there is a modern file system that works on all platforms.  You're
going to have to be more specific.  Also, take a look in
pkgsrc/filesystems.  There are things in there that might be useful,
such as fuse-ntfs-3g.

}-- End of excerpt from Lukas Laukamp

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