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Re: NetBSD port for AT91SAM9G20?

On Sep 5, 2012, at 11:50 AM, wrote:

> Warner Losh <> writes:
>> On Sep 5, 2012, at 12:43 AM, Jukka Marin wrote:
>>> The main features of our current hardware are:
>>> - AT91SAM9G20 MCU (400 MHz)
>>> [...]
>> Apart from a few clocks, this should work with the AT91SAM9260 support
>> that's in the tree.  The device tables/trees are the same, and the
>> errata for the devices are quite similar.
> Yes, maybe you'll have to add the CPU id to at91/at91dbgu* for it to be
> recognized correctly but that should be it.

You might want to look at FreeBSD's cpu identification.  I think I have all the 
SAM9 CPUs plus the RM9200 accounted for, plus autoprobing for the dbgu unit, 
which differs from SoC to SoC.

> However, be warned that the ethernet MAC will not work because the code
> currently intree is for another type of AT91 processor which has
> sufficiently different characteristics wrt number of RX and TX buffers
> and maximum sizes of these, although it will probably attach correctly
> and might be able to send short packets by chance.

I'd forgotten that detail.  FreeBSD's driver copes with both (plus there's a 
driver that just talks to the new hardware).

> I started a rewrite of it for the at91sam9260 but ran out of time. If
> other developers want smaller hardware than what Jukka offers to
> experiment, Propox sells small cards with an option for a at91sam9g20
> CPU.

Couldn't figure out how buy these in the US.  They are about US$110 if I read 
things right.  I recently got a nice little board from Glomation that ships 
quickly and is cheap (starting at US$55 for the low end up to about $95 for the 
high end in Q1 lot sizes).

The GESBC-9G20u is the $55 one.  You have to write for a pricelist for the 
other boards, but they are very responsive to email.


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