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Re: Changing the gpio(4) API/ABI

On Fri, 23 Sep 2011 12:38:13 +0200
Marc Balmer <> wrote:

> With gpio(4) we still carry an old API with us, which I want to remove.  
> While working on it, I will also introduce a third locator to device drivers 
> that attach to gpio pins, flags.  It will be needed for e.g. gpioiic(4) to 
> invert the SDA/SCL pin numbers.
> WIll documenting the changes be enough?

Perhaps only one other question: Is there any advantage to keep
compatibility with OpenBSD (from which gpio(4) was intially ported);
are there tools from OpenBSD than can be used because of this
compatibility?  Or has gpio(4) stalled on OpenBSD?

Another option would be to allow a full redesign under a new device
name/copy, if that's a concern.  Personally, although I've seen gpio in
the releases I used since quite a while, I've never used it, and I
doubt that I used any code relying on it...


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