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Re: Changing the gpio(4) API/ABI

Am 25.09.11 22:11, schrieb Ken Hornstein:
>> Sure.  I plan to remove the old API, which has not been documented for
>> quite a while:
> In fairness ... "quite a while" is a bit misleading.  The "old" API was
> the only API available as of the last release of NetBSD.  Okay, that
> release was a while ago, but if you're like me and generally only use
> releases, what you refer to as the "old" API is the ONLY API.
> However ... I looked at the new API and it doesn't seem like it's too
> hard to change over to it.  So I have no objection to getting rid of it.
> And given the current NetBSD release schedule, it doesn't seem like I
> have to worry about porting my code anytime soon :-/

Indeed, you are right.  I live to much in -current, obviously.  So the
new stuff was in -current since 2009 and was never pulled-up to the
netbsd-5 branch, that must be my oversight.

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