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Re: extend sysmon watchdog modes?

  I am seeing a need for a new watchdog mode that is similar to
  WDOG_MODE_KTICKLE but instead of the watchdog service function
  running from a callout it needs to run from a (higher level)
  hardware interrupt.

I don't understand the use case.  I am running watchdogs in user tickle,
and consider the machine wedged if it can't run the tickle code in 30s.

I have been thinking about going the other way, which is to add a disk
argument to wdogctl for a 'disk-gated user tickle mode', where every
time it wakes up it does

  lseek to a random block on the disk
  read it
  then do the tickle

or perhaps do some sort of random find.  The point is to reset when the
system is functioning well enough that the user tickle runs but the
system isn't really ok (like a tstile wedge, or a wedged disk

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