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Re: New boothowto flag to prevent raid auto-root-configuration

Martin Husemann wrote:

> as described in PR 44774 (see
>, it is
> currently not possible to use a standard NetBSD install CD on a system
> wich normally boots from raid (at least on i386, amd64 or sparc64, where
> a stock GENERIC kernel is used).

It looks like this is a similar problem to the one I raised here

Instead of providing RB_NO_ROOT_OVERRIDE I would prefer something that
actually _lets_ me override everything else from boot.cfg.

Quoting Robert Elz from the mentioned thread:

> FWIW, I think the code to allow the user to override that at boot
> time would be a useful addition - while it is possible to boot,
> "raidctl -A yes" or "raidctl -A no", and then reboot, or perhaps
> "boot -a" on systems that support that, but that's a painful
> sequence of operations for what should be a simple task.
> It should always be
>       1. what the user explicitly asks for
>       2. what the kernel has built in
>       3. hacks like "ratdctl -A root" (or perhaps similar things for cgd etc)
>       4. where I think I came from


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