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re: New boothowto flag to prevent raid auto-root-configuration

> Martin Husemann <> writes:
> > What do you think? Better naming suggestion also welcome.
> IMHO, root autoconfiguration should be limited to take effect only when
> booted device is included in its components.  Since the current behavior
> is suprising and inconvinient (I sometimes boot system from pxeboot), my
> locally running system is modified so.

this doesn't work for setups where the root and boot devices are not
the same, which happens to be 2 of my systems.  the root device is
simply not visible at boot time.

what would be great is if the normal selection was told when it has
booted from a raid set, and it could find the right one and use that
device.  this could then work with "raidctl -A yes".  that would
allow the majority of installations to skip the forced root magic.

do you think this would be easy based upon your current changes?

since there are valid ways to run that require the forced magic
without special kernel builds (or unwritten code) removing the code
is not really an option.

i think martin should commit his change.  it would allow me to boot
GENERIC on my dev machine that i otherwise have a forced root on nfs
configuration for, as well as solve his install problem.


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