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Re: xorg pci probing

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 3:27 PM, der Mouse 
<> wrote:
>>>> pci_device_is_boot_vga()
>>> [...]
>> While X is probing the pci devices the driver enables all pci vga
>> devices. ÂThat is why checking for the 'firmware enabled' one fails.
> But checking for "the" firmware-enabled one is a broken idea. ÂThere
> may fewer or more than one such, for one thing - nothing says the
> firmware has to initialize any displays; nothing says it has to
> initialize no more than one.
> And it's a check X shouldn't be doing anyway. ÂDoing bus enumeration in
> userland is insane; that's what we've got kernels for. ÂX should be
> using the device - or devices - it's told to use; if not told anything
> about what device to use, it should be picking a sensible default, like
> the console (not necessarily boot) device, without caring about others.
> I can, sort of, see doing direct access to the display as a PCI device
> (_of course_ every display will be a PCI device!), but in no
> circumstance can I see any excuse for poking at devices it isn't going
> to use or walking all of any bus.

Your patches to fix all issues above are welcome please free to
submit them.




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