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Re: Using emap for i386/amd64 early during boot

Jean-Yves Migeon <> wrote:
> > Agree with David's point, but it should not be done at function level.
> > Rather higher level interface abstraction.  In uvmplock branch, I have
> > already split some x86 pmap bits into pmap_tlb.c and xen_pmap.c modules.
> > More interfaces can be abstracted in respect to e.g. Xen.
> ... 
> Is pmap.c expected to be split in two files too (pmap.c and x86_pmap.c?) 
> I noticed that in your pmap.c, some functions (already found in 
> xen_pmap.c) are "#ifndef XEN" out, to avoid conflict I suppose.

Not into pmap.c and x86_pmap.c - it is already x86. :) But yes, some helper
routines which tend to differ between i386 and amd64 might be abstracted into
separate {i386,amd64}_pmap.c modules.  However, I am thinking of higher level
abstractions first, for example - splitting page table management code into
pmap_pt.c and making it a clearer interface.


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