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Re: remote kernel debugging over a network

>> My opinion, which is probably worth approximately what you paid for
>> it: custom protocol built directly atop Ethernet (ie, not IP-based).

>> It seems to me that, for this application, the downsides of TCP
>> outweigh the upsides.

> It seems to me that something over IP nonetheless would be hugely
> convenient...

In a few respects.  It would also be hugely dangerous in other respects
(both mostly deriving from the same properties, at least for the ones I
have in mind).

For these purposes, I come down on the side of something non-routable,
this reinforced by the relative simplicity of not having to implement
neighbour discovery and whatnot (or ARP, if you want to go v4, not that
ARP is all that much easier).

But, as I remarked, this opinion is probably worth approximately what
you paid for it.

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