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Re: KGDB, serial ports, and MP

  The comment was made when I proposed that fix is that it will NOT handle
  the MP case because splserial() doesn't affect other CPUs.  And one of
  the commenters pointed me to places to look for how to do the MP part.

Thanks - that makes sense.

  I haven't done that yet; it's on my to-do list.  I need to find an MP
  host to test it on...

I have boxes to test if you want to send a patch.

A related question - on what platforms do people think kgdb works
reasonably well now (in netbsd-5, and current)?  Someone here has run
into problems on amd64 with register ordering on transfer to gdb, a
memory overrun, and then trouble setting breakpoints.  I haven't used
kgdb for a while, and my previous experience was on i386.


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