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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

Masao Uebayashi wrote:
One of the problems is that such a long term user like you have to
know the full detailed dmesg and analyze it.  That doesn't meet my
goals.  Imagize admins hot-swap multiple disks/NICs on missiong
critical servers.

And you have to disable configuration other PCI buses to prevent
unwanted USB devices from appearing.  You also have to rebuild kernel.
 Even all of these done, your system "more or less" works.

Not sure what you mean here.
If you don't want "unknown" devices to appear, then just don't have wildcarded devices in the config. If you want "unknown" devices to actually do appear, then you have to have the wildcard entries in there. But they will not get assigned to numbers for which you have explicit entries in the config. So they will be assigned "unused" numbers.

No kernel rebuilding is neccesary.

Maybe you should state more explicitly what your scenario is, and what you expect to happen?

When the system boots up, I assume you want some set of devices to always get the same enumerations, no matter what other hardware might/might not exist.

This is done by explicitly naming those devices in the config file.

Devices which are more "unknown" can either be accepted, and accessed by the system, if you keep wildcarded devices around in the config. Exactly what number gets assigned to each device as it shows up, will be "kindof random". But since these are devices not normally expected, they can't really be predicable anyway. Or if you never want the system to accept totally unknown devices, just remove all the wildcarded device entries in the config. That way, if someone plugs in a new disk, or whatever, it will not be accessible by the system.

Any other scenario you had in mind?

Oh, and notice how the kernel is never rebuilt. You build the kernel once, with the configuration you expect, and then you just run it the whole time.


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