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Re: unhooking lfs from ufs

On Tue, Feb 09, 2010 at 03:55:59AM +0000, Eduardo Horvath wrote:
 > > What magic sauce do you have? Please share it - lfs has been broken
 > > for everyone else.
 > Dunno.  Although I do disable fsck_lfs.  It usually causes more problems 
 > than it solves.  It needs a complete overhaul.  It tries to act like 
 > fsck_ffs instead of validating segment checksums and regenerating the 
 > ifile.

...except that it also apparently can't actually repair most problems
it finds, which isn't very helpful of it.

 > A also haven't updated my sources for a while so I don't have to worry 
 > about DEV_BSIZE breakage.

Do you feel up to testing my patch? It works for me for basic stuff,
although I didn't try pounding on it because it wasn't expected to work.

David A. Holland

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