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Re: unhooking lfs from ufs

Hi David,
> The copy involves 18 files from sys/ufs/ufs (out of 21; the ones
> excluded are quota.h and unsurprisingly ufs_wapbl.[ch]) which contain
> 9067 lines of code. That gives the following statistics:
>     14988     size of lfs currently
>    + 9067     size of copypasted ufs
>     24055     size of resulting uncompilable lfs
>    -  401     result of making it compilable
>     23654     size of new lfs
> This is the size of the code in sys/ufs/lfs; the userlevel tools need
> patching but don't change size significantly.
> My guess/estimate is that after several rounds of consolidation the
> total size will drop to around 18000-19000 lines. Maybe less, even,
> but I wouldn't count on that. I'll be keeping an eye on the total size
> going forward.
> Anyway, I have done this much and it's ready to go. I will be
> committing it tonight, I think, unless there are sudden howls of
> protest.
> The diff (from HEAD of a couple hours ago to the new compilable lfs)
> is posted here:
> I will probably commit the pasted-only uncompilable form first, and
> maybe some of the intermediate steps as well, for the historical
> record and to make future merges easier. This may make the tree
> temporarily unbuildable, but hopefully not for very long. 

Are you sure that you can really finish this ? Currently you are working on 
namei, ufs_lookup and many other issues. Make LFS not compilable is the way to 
make it disappear very soon. I think that these changes should happen in 
separate branch and should be committed back to main branch only when it will 
be at least compilable again. 



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