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Re: need help with kern/42758 - correctly initialize W83627HF hwmon

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010, Michael Stapelberg wrote:

Hi Paul,

Excerpts from Paul Goyette's message of Mo Feb 08 00:14:44 +0100 2010:
Can you try the attached diff, and set 'flags 1' in your config file?
The patch works fine. I would suggest to use flag 2, however, to be consistent
with the linux driver.

The Linux driver seems to do something a little bit strange... From

        The W83782D and W83783S temperature conversion machine
        understands about several kinds of temperature probes. You can
        program the so-called beta value in the sensor files. '1' is
        the PII/Celeron diode, '2' is the TN3904 transistor, and 3435
        the default thermistor value. Other values are (not yet)

The datasheet for the sensor says

        Reg. 0x59 bits [654]
        Temperature sensor diode [321].  Set to 1, select Pentium II
        compatible Diode. Set to 0 to select 2N3904 Bipolar mode.

        Power-On default is 1.

        Reg. 0x5d bits [321]
        Temperature sensor [321].  Set to 1, select bipolar sensor.
        Set to 0, select thermistor sensor.

        Power-On default is 0.

So, from the datasheet, there seem to be only two sensor types, with Pentium II Diode being the default, while the Linux docs claim three sensor types and a default of some non-Pentium thermistor. Rather confusing.

For now, I'm inclined to do things according to the datasheet.  :)

Unless anyone objects, I'll commit my patch later today. (And I'll add comments on the flag value in all of the config files that contain the lm(4) device.)

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