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Re: need help with kern/42758 - correctly initialize W83627HF hwmon

On Sun, 7 Feb 2010, Michael Stapelberg wrote:


Yesterday I debugged why the temperature values seen in envstat on my mainboard
looked very odd (70 degC while the bios hardware monitor shows 40 degC). As I
described in the bugreport, it is a missing initialization.

I also attached a patch to the bugreport, which fixes the problem to me.
However, I am not a NetBSD kernel developer, so the patch very likely needs
some polishing. It would be great if someone could have a look at it so that
it can go into the next NetBSD release.

Best regards,

PS: kern/42759 is related to this and a rather simple patch - it needs to be
merged before debugging kern/42758 (so that the i2c is accessible on this

PS: Please CC me, as I am not on this list.

OK, I imported your patch from PR kern-42759 to get the i2c bus attached.

I'm not so sure about the patch in kern-42758. As you point out, it may not be appropriate for all systems with the W83627HF. It would be great if there were some way to determine if

        a) all W83627HF use temp sensors of type 3904, or
        b) the W83627HF on "this board" uses 3904.

Any chance you can do some research in the datasheet to see if there is any mention of this?

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