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Protecting global lookup array

I'm adding another list of vm_physseg for device pages.  It's a list or array
of physical address segments.  They're frequently accessed by VM to lookup
a physical address from a page metadata (vm_page) or vice versa.

Those lists are rarely updated.  When a framebuffer or memory-mappable audio
device are attached / detached.  (For RAM segments, they're updated when we'll
support memory hot-plug. :)

The update process is very rare, and expected.  Administrators carefully
connects a device when the machine is not running some important task.  So
what I need here is to protect such a data adding no run-time performance

Do we have any standard way to do this?

If not, what I'm thinking is like:

- a sub-system queries the kernel if it's a good time to do this
- if yes, pass a call-back and data
- the kernel asks all other CPUs to stop tasks and wait in some safe code point
- other CPUs tells back that they're waiting
- if all CPUs have stopped, the kernel runs the passed callback & data
- in the callback, update array

Protected data should be an array of pointers to objects, not an array of
objects, so that already referenced objects are not affected by the lookup


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