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Re: btuart and SOCKET Bluetooth CF

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> > Hm, does it work with ACL data yet?  I think that your
> > btuart_dtl_output_acl() function strips the ACLDATA header.. I don't
> > understand how does the device know the connection handle?
> Only type (1byte) of acldata adjust to me. Perhaps, the problem is not
> in this.

mm yes, my bad

> I apologizes for insufficient explanation.  I want to call btuartioctl()
> for NOKIA DTL.  Therefore, it is necessary to return btuart.h removed
> before.  (btuart.h v1.4)

what extra do you need to control with the ioctl() ?

(I think your direction is wrong and it may be unnecessary - see below)

> > I think there is some specialist 'nokia' control packets possible with
> > this protocol, do we need to use them during the operation of the device?
> > (in setup, the btattach module can send/recv what it likes..)
> NOKIA DTL always need btuart_dtl_header for all packet. However it not
> need process for setup.  It detect clock speed automatically perhaps.
> I could operate 9600 and 115200.
>   # btattach -f /dev/tty01 (9600|115200)

my thought is that for example, add

--- btattach.c  6 Dec 2009 12:55:46 -0000       1.5
+++ btattach.c  19 Jan 2010 12:23:03 -0000
@@ -97,6 +97,12 @@
        .speed = B9600,
+       .name = "dtl",
+       .line = "btdtl",
+       .descr = "Nokia DTL-1/4",
+       .speed = B115200,
+    },
+    {
        .name = "ericsson",
        .line = "btuart",
        .descr = "Ericsson based modules",

and then

# btattach -f dtl /dev/tty01

will call

        ioctl(fd, TIOCSLINED, "btdtl")

and the "btdtl" line driver handles accumulating the packets in the
correct manner and passing it to the netbt stack.  I think btuart.c is
unnecesssary for this device to work? The protocol used is different..

and if some extra ioctl() is required for this protocol driver, it would
be defined in "btdtl.h" .. (but probably not needed)


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