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Re: btuart and SOCKET Bluetooth CF

Hi! Iain,

From: Iain Hibbert <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 13:43:09 +0000 (GMT)

> On Mon, 18 Jan 2010, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
> > I am supporting NOKIA DTL-1/4 now.
> > (SOCKET Bluetooth CF 8510-00159F and older version)
> > Linux supported it by drivers/bluetooth/dtl1_cs.c.
> >
> > This obtains BDADDR now and does inquiry.
> Hm, does it work with ACL data yet?  I think that your
> btuart_dtl_output_acl() function strips the ACLDATA header.. I don't
> understand how does the device know the connection handle?

Only type (1byte) of acldata adjust to me.  Perhaps, the problem is
not in this.

> > However, this should attach/ detach the 4byte header at btuart.
> Is this the only difference, that there is an extra wrapper around every
> packet in and out?

I looked like that.

> > Should we support ioctl for this?  Or, do you have a better idea?
> As you may recall, I don't want the driver to be poking inside the netbt
> stack structures. The way you have that has catastrophy pending :)
> I think that because the btuart driver is fairly simple, it would be best
> to just clone it and make a btdtl.c that handles the appropriate IO
> directly.. that way, btattach can attach it with a different name and no
> ioctl is needed to activate the difference..?

I apologizes for insufficient explanation.  I want to call btuartioctl()
for NOKIA DTL.  Therefore, it is necessary to return btuart.h removed
before.  (btuart.h v1.4)

> I think there is some specialist 'nokia' control packets possible with
> this protocol, do we need to use them during the operation of the device?
> (in setup, the btattach module can send/recv what it likes..)

NOKIA DTL always need btuart_dtl_header for all packet. However it not
need process for setup.  It detect clock speed automatically perhaps.
I could operate 9600 and 115200.

  # btattach -f /dev/tty01 (9600|115200)

Moreover, I understood there was a method where it reset it by using the
MODEM control register (com(4)'s MCR).


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