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Re: btuart and SOCKET Bluetooth CF

On Mon, 18 Jan 2010, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

> I am supporting NOKIA DTL-1/4 now.
> (SOCKET Bluetooth CF 8510-00159F and older version)
> Linux supported it by drivers/bluetooth/dtl1_cs.c.
> This obtains BDADDR now and does inquiry.

Hm, does it work with ACL data yet?  I think that your
btuart_dtl_output_acl() function strips the ACLDATA header.. I don't
understand how does the device know the connection handle?

> However, this should attach/ detach the 4byte header at btuart.

Is this the only difference, that there is an extra wrapper around every
packet in and out?

> Should we support ioctl for this?  Or, do you have a better idea?

As you may recall, I don't want the driver to be poking inside the netbt
stack structures. The way you have that has catastrophy pending :)

I think that because the btuart driver is fairly simple, it would be best
to just clone it and make a btdtl.c that handles the appropriate IO
directly.. that way, btattach can attach it with a different name and no
ioctl is needed to activate the difference..?

I think there is some specialist 'nokia' control packets possible with
this protocol, do we need to use them during the operation of the device?
(in setup, the btattach module can send/recv what it likes..)


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