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Doxygen markup and queue.h macros

I've been doing Doxygen markup on some parts of the generic kernel
(our own kernel code used in our product has extensive Doxy markup).
Though the Doxygen toolchain is quite heavyweight I've come to believe
that it's still valuable to mark up NetBSD with file, function, and
datastructure comments in Doxy format -- used correctly the markup is
pretty small and is a good way to document what really *should* be
documented in our source tree.

One major annoyance has been the queue.h macros.  Try as I may I cannot
get Doxygen to DTRT when it encounters a LIST_ENTRY(bob) in the middle
of struct bob.

I had a quick look at the (moribund) project to mark up the FreeBSD
kernel sources and couldn't see what they'd done about this issue.

Does anyone have a convenient solution at hand?


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