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Re: The imperfect beauty of NetBSD

,--- You/Matthew (Wed, 6 Jan 2010 23:43:04 -0500) ----*
| >   uname -sr; man -w ptrace; man -S 3 -w ptrace; man -S 2 -k ptrace
| You might like to know about apropos(1):

apropos == man -k (or: apropos ~= man -k)


| $ apropos trace
| [...]
| kdump (1) - display kernel trace data
| ktrace (2) - process tracing
| ktrace, ktruss (1) - enable kernel process tracing
| [...]

I saw the above, with "man -k trace", and did try either ktrace or
ktruss (don't remember which one), on /usr/sbin/powerd, and saw no

My astonishment at `man's behavior in NetBSD was due to the fact that
I could not tell `man -k' what section to look in.  Only in NetBSD.

Of all the things that I had seen in NetBSD, this astonished me most
(and I have seen quite a few things unusual for a person dealing with
FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX and Linux daily, and with HP-UX occasionally.)

-- Alex -- --

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