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Re: pseudoify cgd

On 01/01/10 11:58, Quentin Garnier wrote:
> Having said that, you might question the utility of a static instance
> for a pseudo-device, but maybe someone will have a use for that.

   I'll leave that part as it is for now, and revisit it later.

   But there's another problem with the patch.

   To summarize, when a cgd device is being unconfigured, disk_destroy()
is called from cgd_ioctl_clr(). This destroys the "open" and "raw"
locks. Once the clr ioctl is done, cgdclose() is called, which calls
dk_close(), which attempts to acquire the destroyed "open" lock, causing
a panic.

   As far as I have gathered, the cf-stuff is on a higher level of
abstraction than the dk-stuff (i.e. initialized earlier, and terminated
later). If I've understood this concept correctly, would it make sense
to move disk_destroy() to cgd_detach()? (I notice that disk_init() is in

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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