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Re: Time to prune some drivers? ISA SCSI, tape, etc.

for any i386 host which isn't able to load kernel modules, this is a real 

so, are there that many? and are there drivers in that list, which are not 
ameanable to being kld-ized?

otherwise, while its an inconvenience, surely this is really just a request to 
prune GENERIC, because MONOLITHIC is left un-altered, and given a current boot 
loader, and a pruned GENERIC plus a floppy or other media, the drivers can be 
(re)loaded as needed.

or have I completely misunderstood?

google, or one of the like waterfall systems would simply fork the prebuilt 
kernel set into a new subclass, and move on. surely with an automated build, we 
can leave this one in the space of 'somebody does it for you' and stop 


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