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Re: Time to prune some drivers? ISA SCSI, tape, etc.

> adv_isa

This one also has major PCI variants, so I'm not sure
if it's worth to remove only ISA variant.

> aha_isa

This one is a good example to test MD bounce buffer code
(or DMA address translations) as you wrote in bus_dma paper ;-)

> ahc_isa

This one also have PCI/EISA variants.
(BTW ARC DescStation Tyne here has VL-bus slots so I wondered
 if we should move ahc_isa.c from arch/i386/isa to dev/isa ;-)

> aic_isa

There are many users of pcmcia variants.
This dumb (PIO only) ISA one might still be useful on testing
some ancient machines (like some prep) which have ISA
but no IDE?

> bha_isa

No idea, but there is a report about PCI one recently?

> esp_isa

I doubt this ever worked, but this just uses MI ncr53c9x.
(and I refered it when I wrote pcscp(4))

BTW, I still have ESP406 based ISA PnP card,
but it has not worked in my local tree..

> mcd.c
> seagate
> uha_isa
> wt

At least, these ones (and wds(4)) can be omitted from GENERIC.
Izumi Tsutsui

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