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Re: vr(4) wrote:

> I just saw for if_vr.c:
> revision 1.98
> date: 2009/09/06 14:10:42;  author: tsutsui;  state: Exp;  lines: +13 -10
> Replace shutdownhook_establish(9) with pmf_device_register1(9).
> Tested VIA VT86C100A (which is probed as VT3043).
> which reminded me of

The preliminary VT86C100A datasheet says its device ID is 0x6100,
though it also says "VT86C100A Rhine," not Rhine-II.
I'm not sure if VT3043 has ever been released either.

Linux driver says:
>> The VT86C100A manual is not reliable information.
and they treat an ID 0x3043 as VT86C100A, though.

(BTW, Linux driver says Rhine-II and newer chips have
 more efficient hardware, which we don't handle..)

Anyway, there is no functional difference between
VT3043 and (non-existent?) VT86C100, so there is no
problem except dmesg and pcictl(8) output.

Izumi Tsutsui

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