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Re: merge for gt(4) and Marvell SoC

Simon Burge <> wrote:
>KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
>> From: Simon Burge <>
>> Subject: Re: merge for gt(4) and Marvell SoC 
>> Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:30:43 +1000
>> > KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:
>> > 
>> > > I put newer patch.
>> > > 
>> > >   
>> > >
>> > >   
>> > >
>> > > 
>> > > mvsata(4) and mvgbe(4) were moved to dev/marvell.
>> > > Next, I merged mvtwsi.  Ooops, gti2c(4) will not work.  It have more bug.
>> > > Howver, EV64260 not use gti2c...
>> > > 
>> > > gt0 at mvsoc0 addr 0xf1000000
>> > 
>> > What is "gt0" in this context?  The existing uses of "gt" for drivers
>> > in NetBSD are for the Galileo Technology system controllers found in
>> > some MIPS and PowerPC boards (like the EV64260).  Marvell bought Galileo
>> > Technology which is why these appear in sys/dev/marvell.
>> > 
>> > I suspect you want a different parent bus name for the ARM-based Marvell
>> > SoC chips - it looks like this bus is called the Mbus, at least in the
>> > 88F5181.
>> I have the possibility of not understanding Mbus.
>> However, what implementing does the driver of Mbus become?  I was not
>> found the difference of the inclusion of this in gt.
>The problem is that dev/marvell/gt.c is the driver for Galileo
>Technology system controllers, as used in at least the EV64260 board
>in the evbppc port.  It's entirely possible that the GT drivers and
>the ARM SoC drivers might be able to share code, but the front end for
>the ARM SoC drivers shouldn't be in dev/marvell/gt.c and isn't a "GT
>system controller driver" as the comment at the top of gt.c currently
>says.  If you modify gt.c in the way that you've proposed, will the
>EV64260 board that uses the current form of gt.c still work?

I'm probably to blame for this, I thought that the same Gigabit
Ethernet controller was in the Discovery chipset used in ofppc as in
the Orion and Kirkwood SoCs, and suggested moving the driver out of
sys/arch/arm/marvell. I wasn't thinking that the ARM drivers would
hang off "gt".

I was expecting to split the Gigabit Ethernet driver into a file for
the core then attachment shims for Orion, Kirkwood and Discovery.

Maybe define a "mvsoc" device that is implemented by "orion" or
"kirkwood" then attach all the ARM drivers to this ?

I would put move sys/dev/marvell/mvsata_gt.c back to sys/arch/arm/marvell
and rename it to mvsata_orion.c, it is Orion specific.

Robert Swindells

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