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Re: roadmap for /kern

On Sat, 1 Aug 2009 22:09:02 -0400
matthew sporleder <> wrote:

> I was wondering what the current thinking was about getting more stats
> into /kern and /proc.  It would be nice to see the full gamut of
> system stats in files.

I personally find sysctl and the other *ctl and *stat programs more
useful and don't even have those file systems mounted, except
for /emul/linux/proc with the linux compatibility option.  If new nodes
have to be added for better linux compatibility and many programs
expect them, it probably makes sense however.

I vaguely remember some suggestion in the past to support solaris-style
proc-based debugging interface so that gdb could support live debugging
of multithreaded processes with virtually no modifications.  If that's
the only sane way to support this, extending proc in that direction is
probably a good idea.  We currently only can debug multithreaded
processes with core dumps...

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