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Re: UVM typedef struct

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 04:39:54PM +0000, Chuck Cranor wrote:
 > I can explain why the code is the way it is:
 > Before I wrote the UVM code, I spent alot of time studying other VM
 > code.   I found that having these kinds of typedefs for structures 
 > made the code harder to read (because you don't know if you are dealing
 > with a structure, or a pointer to a structure --- folks do it both ways).
 > So when I wrote UVM I attempted to remove as much of this ambiguity as 
 > possible.  I think the "struct"'s and "*"'s are useful semantic cues
 > that make it easier for new folks to understand the code.

This is what I've been saying also, but I haven't been getting much
traction. :-|

David A. Holland

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