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Re: vge VT6130 driver help

Aran Clauson asked;

I have a VIA A2000 with a VT6130 nic. My understanding is the 6130 is the PCIe version of VT6122. The vge driver detects and attaches. The problem is that interrupts are not being delivered to the handler.

I have a casual knowledge about VT6122 HW and no 6130 at
hand.  Here is my tip for the way how to debug NIC.  I propose
you to check interrupt handling by plugging in/out a cable.

- If VT6130 PCIe is a really register compatible w/ 6122, it should
have PHY number at byte address 0x6c register.

- reading MII register #28 from the PHY gives the current link
configuration; 10/100/1000/FDX.

- by setting LSB of byte address 0xfc register, PHY state change
is to be detected by interrupt hander.  According to the existing
VT6122 code, a small magic is necessary too; to write 0xfc00
value to MII register #25 to enable PHY interrupt.  Upon PHY interrupt,
interrupt handler should clear the link state change condition by
reading MII register #26.

Via documents have been historically inconsistent somehow and
not clear whether PDFs found in net reflect the current state of their
art.  The operating interface between EMAC and builtin PHY is
the most fractuating part of modern NIC design. Then, it's likely
they changed some once again in 6130.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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