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vge VT6130 driver help

        I have a VIA A2000 with a VT6130 nic.  My understanding is 
the 6130 is the PCIe version of VT6122.  The vge driver 
detects and attaches.  The problem is that interrupts are 
not being delivered to the handler.  I have printed the 
register states when interrupts are supposed to be enabled 
and everything agrees with the 6122 documentation.  Any 

        I must confess that I'm a little confused about the PHY/MII 
interface.  I'm assuming that the PHY/MII part of the 
driver is a standard interface to the cableing (e.g., is 
the nic physically connected, at what speed).  The driver 
is responsible for filling and draining the queues and this 
is where the interrupt handler comes in.  Is this correct?


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