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Re: raid-on-raid during shutdown

>> The remaining thing that I actually want is for teardown on shutdown
>> to iterate, so as to tear down RAID-on-RAID setups from the top
>> down, so the lower level RAIDs end up clean.
> That looks like it was intended to work -- raidclose to rf_Shutdown
> to rf_UnconfigureVnodes to rf_close_components to VOP_CLOSE -- but
> clearly isn't quite all there.

I've been looking at this, adding debugging printfs to the various
routines involved in teardown.

First, if the top-level RAID is not mounted (or, presumably, open for
any other reason) at shutdown, none of it happens.  I don't know how
any of the RAIDs are getting cleaned, even the top-level one, under
those circumstances.

But if the top-level RAID _is_ mounted, the calls cascade as they
should.  I'm now trying to figure out why the lower-level RAIDs
_aren't_ ending up clean under _those_ circumstances.

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