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der Mouse writes:
> How hard would it be to make autoconfigured RAID-on-RAID work?  I had a
> look at the code and it looks to me as though it'd just be a question
> of scanning new RAID units for partitions of type RAID as they get
> autoconfigured, repeating until nothing more happens.
> Am I missing something?  I have a machine (the same one on which I've
> been doing all my recent RAIDframe playing) on which it would be useful
> to autoconfigure RAID-on-RAID.

Wolfgang Stukenbrock proposed some patches in PR#39784, but I've not 
had a chance to look closely at them...

IIRC, configuring them up was easier than getting the unconfigures 
done in the right order... (and actually getting the devices to close 


Greg Oster

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