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Re: raidframe oddity, take three (kernel panic!)

der Mouse writes:
> > I could have sworn that was in 4.0.1, but maybe I'm thinking
> > of 4.1??
> Is there a 4.1?  Certainly doesn't have it.
> Anyway, I looked into it, and except for the change from to
> in rf_reconstruct.c (which looks as though I want it anyway),
> those diffs were all relative to the files I had.  So I just grabbed
> all five of them.
> Now, raidctl -R works fine, and (presumably) starts the reconstruct
> correctly.  But when I decided I didn't want to wait for it and raidctl
> -u on the raid, boom, instant panic in VOP_STRATEGY inside the
> reconstruction code.  Is there something else I need for unconfiguring
> a RAID to correctly abort (or pause, or whatever) any
> reconstruct-in-progress on it?

Hmmm.... It's supposed to stop gracefully.. (it didn't used to, and I 
though I'd fixed that...)  If you happen to have the panic message 
and trace handy I'd be interested in seeing it.. otherwise I'll 
attempt to reproduce it... (If you have time to put together a PR for 
it, that'd be good too...)

> Excellent.  I feel as though I'm closing in on having a working 7.5T
> RAID, thanks largely to your help, the two of you....

Nice... :)


Greg Oster

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