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Re: raidframe oddity, take three (kernel panic!)

>> raidctl -u on [a reconstructing RAID 5], boom, instant panic in
>> VOP_STRATEGY inside the reconstruction code.
> Hmmm.... It's supposed to stop gracefully.. (it didn't used to, and I
> though I'd fixed that...)

Maybe you did, and I don't have it because what I'm running is 4.0.1
plus the five files mentioned upthread, rather than all of
sys/dev/raidframe/ as of some point in time.  Hence my asking if there
was something else I needed for raidctl -u to correctly abort the

Perhaps I should do a date-based checkout of sys/dev/raidframe rather
than trying to pull in individual changes?

> If you happen to have the panic message and trace handy I'd be
> interested in seeing it..

Can't until Monday (not in the same city as the relevant machine, and
no remote console access), but I should be able to then.

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