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Re: raidframe oddity, take three (kernel panic!)

> I could have sworn that was in 4.0.1, but maybe I'm thinking
> of 4.1??

Is there a 4.1?  Certainly doesn't have it.

Anyway, I looked into it, and except for the change from to in rf_reconstruct.c (which looks as though I want it anyway),
those diffs were all relative to the files I had.  So I just grabbed
all five of them.

Now, raidctl -R works fine, and (presumably) starts the reconstruct
correctly.  But when I decided I didn't want to wait for it and raidctl
-u on the raid, boom, instant panic in VOP_STRATEGY inside the
reconstruction code.  Is there something else I need for unconfiguring
a RAID to correctly abort (or pause, or whatever) any
reconstruct-in-progress on it?

Excellent.  I feel as though I'm closing in on having a working 7.5T
RAID, thanks largely to your help, the two of you....

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