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Re: Path to kmods

>> I fully expect non-dynamically-linked kernels to be desupported
>> within some small number of years;
> That is unlikely to happen given the market segments NetBSD does well
> in.

I hope you're right.  But I look at what's happened to userland
and...well, I still expect as stated above, in large part because I see
a strong tendency to try to push NetBSD into other market segments,
especially what I might call the "clueless user" segment.

> I am not aware of an existing plan to do this.

Neither am I.  I don't expect anyone to be until, at best, several
months before it happens.

>> people who agree with kre and me might want to start preparing now
>> for the possibility that I'm right in that guess....
> Please conduct yourself appropriately as a NetBSD Developer and do
> not spread mis/disinformation about our product.

What mis/disinformation?  That I think NetBSD is going down a very
wrong path?  That I still expect the Project to take another, fairly
major, step in that same "wrong" direction?  That I think people who
don't like something I expect to happen might want to prepare for it?

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