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Re: interface detach/destroy hook?

>> Should I error out ifndef(PFIL_HOOKS), or is the preferred tack to
>> build anyway and just let the system crash if an interface is
>> removed out from under an srt (or pppoe or etc), or what?
> Note that you can have PFIL_HOOKS but not pf nor ipf.

I suspected as much; I'm pleased to see it confirmed.

> For pppoe I did it this way, as (1) I couldn't find anything better
> and (2) bailing out early seemed not a good idea as there are
> certainly valid configs where the underlying interface just can not
> go away, so a kernel w/o PFIL_HOOKS still is safe. _if_ it's used in such a way.

I think for my code I'll check for PFIL_HOOKS and error out, but
provide a kernel config option which can be turned on to say "yes I
know, do it anyway".

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