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Re: Fwd: NetBSD software Developer (2 Openings)

Okay, I've now gotten two emails about what I suspect is the same job:
one from what I suspect is a headhunter and one from a FOAF via another
list.  But I haven't seen it mentioned here, and (at least if they
_are_ the same gig) I'm not going to take it 'cause it's in the States,
so, in case any of you people want it:

I don't know precisely who it involves working for.  But here are the
commonalities between the two emails (my rephrasing):

- NetBSD kernel hackers wanted
- IP-based networking competency important
- ARM experience desirable
- Job involves putting NetBSD on a "handheld" device, presumably yet
   another PDA/phone?/etc gadget
- Focus on bugfixes, performance, glue layers, driver support

The probably-headhunter mail said offsite work was OK; the other one
said Palo Alto.  But when I replied to the former, I never got anything
back, so I don't know.

If any of you are interested, I hope you can ferret out enough details
to apply for the position, 'cause I don't have 'em (but I figure the
chance that someone can makes it worth dropping a quick note here).

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