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Re: Proposal for reporting remote control button presses to userland

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 4:36 AM, Jared D. McNeill 
<> wrote:
> Gotcha, some protocols have a concept of 'remote address'. I've already
> changed the kernel->user interface to send raw bytes (rather than simply the
> keycode) so this should be pretty straight-forward.
> I'll add a remote-address key to the cooked message from remoted (defaulting
> to 0 for protocols that don't support it), but I'd prefer to use the #
> rather than a symbolic name. How does that sound?

As long as there is a way to differentiate two remotes (not just two
IR receivers) I'm happy.  My serial IR receiver can use any remote
just about, not just RC5 (I think) like my usb receiver.  I have this
old Sony TiVo remote I like using. :)


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